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Thibault Bonenfant

This is what we could see on Wednesday from the trail on the volcano, the eruption was amazing, mostly when you're 500 meters from it! Thanks Adventure HQ for the great service provided, and for picking us up at the end of the day!

22 November 2012

Tongariro Eruption 211112

Stephanie Mckee

Great rates for ski gear. Real friendly people, who wanted to know you had a great day. Had that real personal touch and even leant my girl rein deer antlers for the day.  We'll be back!

14 October 2012


Nice alpine crossing, friendly/helpful team.

7 April 2011

United States

Great people to work with! Annie was very flexible on our pickup time after we decided to stay at Ketatahi overnight.

March 2011


I did this excellent walk a few days ago. I definitely recommend the walk. However:

We had booked a 6am pickup with Tongariro Expeditions from Tongariro Holiday Park (arranged through the holiday park) and were in the place we had been told to meet the bus at 6am. No bus came so before 6:30 we phoned the Tongariro Expeditions office and the man who answered the phone seemed to think it was really funny that we'd been left behind and said this happens every day but we'd get picked up at 7 instead. He said we must have been late getting to the bus stop (which we weren't, or I wouldn't feel the need to post this) and that the driver had waited 5 minutes for us, then left.

The lady from Adventure HQ was very helpful though; she invited us inside her office to wait and let us use the phone. She even offered to let us use their bus if the 7am bus wouldn't take us. So, in summary: Tongariro Expeditions owes me an hour of my life and feels no remorse; Adventure HQ is the same price and significantly better.

9 December 2010


Paul and Annie went above and beyond. They provided us with all the necessary information and transportation (with a smile) to and from the Tongariro alpine crossing. The also gave us lots of helpful advice on preventing blisters, right down to the toenail check! We had a great day and were glad that we chose them.

29 November 2010


These guys manage to the cheery and helpful at 6.30am in the morning and never looked cross at us when we arrived late at the destination carpark.

13 January 2010


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