Kind and professional

This company saved our day. 

We had made a booking via our hotel with another shuttle company to transport us in the morning from the end of the Tongariro crossing (where we parked our car) to the beginning of the walk. This way we would not have to wait for a shuttle at the end of the day. 

When we arrived in the morning however, people from the other company informed us that the booking the hotel made was for a non-existant shuttle time. No worries though, as they quickly arranged for Adventure HQ to take us instead. To our amazement Adventure HQ even offered to take our original booking as payment and sort it out with our hotel later. As we had cash with us we paid for a new ticket instead, but it was incredibly nice that they offered.

The drive was smooth and the driver offered some good advice and information about the trip. 

Good example of New Zealand hospitality.


Susanne R
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kerry Wakelin