Tips for making the most of your Big Day Out on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

You’ve been preparing for your big adventure hiking the mighty Tongariro Alpine Crossing - training hard for the past several months ensuring you are fit enough for this 19.4km hike.

The time has come when you are ready to undertake the biggest and most popular day walk in New Zealand - the amazing and very beautiful Tongariro Alpine Crossing!

Here are some tips to ensure you have one of the best days of your life……

  1. Decide what shuttle service you prefer.

    One Way Shuttle Service from Ketetahi Gives you flexibility in your day. For more info follow this link: . (If you are not confident you can walk this in under 8.5 hours then maybe the one way shuttle would be a better option for you - you must have your own vehicle).

    Return Shuttle Service from Taupo or Turangi Relax and let us take care of you - our premium service will ensure you have a great day. For more info follow this link:

  2. Check the weather forecast for Tongariro National Park- recommended if you are planning to book a day or two in advance. This link will take you to the latest metservice weather forecast:

  3. Book your Tongariro Crossing Shuttle here - check that you get the date correct!!

  4. The day before your Tongariro National Park Hike contact us to reconfirm your booking, pick up time and location. This is very important. We will let you know what to bring and what to expect.

  5. Be prepared! Make sure you have the correct equipment - good sturdy walking/hiking shoes (in the height of summer - the track is usually dry. If you have good trainers/sneakers with good tread and are comfortable walking a long distance in them then that is fine), warm waterproof jacket and pants (layers is good - cool to start with and usually quite warm in the middle and end of day), hat, sunscreen, plenty of water and some snacks/food. If you need any equipment let us know when you book - we have some on board our shuttles!

  6. On the morning of your hike please be ready outside your accommodation at the designated time which is 10 minutes before your scheduled departure. It is usually quite dark this early in the morning so please be visable for us to see you! Stand at the roadside under a street light if possible and if you see the shuttle coming towards you wave out or use your cellphone torch to alert us to your presence. Please do try to be on time - you have booked a shared shuttle service and if you are late - this usually makes everyone late.

  7. Once you have arrived at the beginning of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing - listen carefully to your drivers brief. If you are on our return service take note of the pick up times at the end. Call us if you are experiencing problems or you think you maybe late. The earlier you call us the better we can help you.

  8. Enjoy your day! This is New Zealand’s premier day walk for a reason - its stunning!! But the weather can be very changeable especially during the early and later part of summer. Be prepared and if you are not sure refer to our FAQ or call /email us.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Adventure HQ Tips
Deb Atkinson